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: Model Application I photograph new and experienced models, 18-30. I specialize in nudes, fashion, pinup lingerie, lingerie, editorial, commercial and swimwear. I enjoy studio, outdoor and on-location shoots; equally. Get yourself in front of my cameras and have a fun time. You'll get some great images and video. Note: You have the option for your own promotion as a nude model or for you to sell and to be published as a nude model. Ask me for details or let me know specific sites you want to be featured on or to sell photosets and video to.

I am Gary Brackin. I photograph and video experienced and new models and specialize in female fashion, editorial and beauty, and you have the option to add nudes to your shoot, should you feel bold or just want a fun experience. I live in Austin, TX. -Contact me on what kinds of images and videos you want for your portfolio or business. It's really easy to start a conversation on how to get begin planning a photo and video shoot with me. I've got lot's of background showing what works best for certain people. My photo and marketing experience came from female fashion and female lingerie catalog and runway fashion-show production. Fill this out and click send and also you may wanna send me some photos.
~ I can better recommend looks and styles for you I can see what you look like. . What works best is a closeup face and full-length poses front and back. They can even be cell phone photos. And if we already know each other, then I know what ya look like. If we haven't met yet, send me your thoughts and a few photos or links to photos of yourself to: Name *

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