Gary Brackin Photography and Video

March 2022: Video is super important these days. You need video to compliment your photos , even if you are looking to be a print or photo model. Videos show your personality and what you are like in motion. Fashion models, you need to have a video reel to show. If you would like to have a video produced of your session and a behind the scenes segment, I want to certainly provide you with footage you'll want to share with everyone you know.

With some work, I can kick out versions of your video where as many as 12 versions of a video are correctly and automatically delivered to the viewer. The videos can be seen by most any device: from phones, to tablets, computers, laptops and even televisions or video billboards. You’ll have the ability to show potential model employers, or friends -wherever you are and from whatever devices they choose. Super HighDef 4k versions of your videos are available for purchase.

Windowed and full-screen videos are being edited and the site programming has now been revamped for dynamically-scaled content, as the most important section of development on this website right now video.