Ladies: You need to be adding video to your modeling portfolios

Yup, video can be really cool and fun. You want photos and video!

If you want to create a professional modeling portfolio; first you’ve got to get with me to have a super fun, sexy, silly, professional, ..photosession. And with all these great photos, you need to have some video to show. You’ve just got to have great photos and video, and that’s a fact.

I shoot stills with a Nikon Z9 and Nikon z9. Videos are created with a Nikon z8, Nikon z9, Blackmagic Ursa 12k and a Blackmagic Pocket 6k. The pocket 6k I use on a gimbal, that is like a gyroscope where I can move and I can move the camera smoothly in other directions as I move. Sometimes I can use the gimbal where it stays still, buy the camera will follow you as you move. Such great options we have.

But first, you’ve gotta contact me and let me know what you wanna try, and maybe some examples of
things you’ve seen that you’d love creating. I can help coach and you’ll see live as we shoot. It’s all a
creative mash-up where we have a fun time and the results will produce great photo stills and video footage.

Let me know what you’re wanting to try. And for me, I’m looking to shoot more bikini, lingerie, fashion,
fashion nudes (that’s kinda clothes on/clothes off but still high fashion). I’m also looking for fitness and athletic women, and I’ve got some high-speed stills cameras where I want to try out more things like gymnastics and cheerleading floor tumbling. Acrobatics would be awesome and if you’re a high-school or college or even partnering with gyms or fitness instructors or classes ..I’d like to so me sports/fitness/dance where I can freeze motion. If you fit into any of these categories and you’d love to explore photos and video ..then I do, too. Girls tell me all the time I need to offer nudes, so I’ve decided I’m going to but it’s got to be super pretty and if your fit, then we can do some fitness or something more related to strength/beauty but if you’re in that category then I for sure will still want you in sports outfits or dance outfits. And even if you’re into sports and fitness, I’d love to see you in other ways like high fashion dresses and even something like cowgirl in jeans or just a vest and boots. If you get what i’m saying, I do want some variety so you get the most of our time together.

And I do want you to know, I do have the option to shoot with a wire coming from the camera to a laptop. One these setups, you can see live exactly what we are shooting or to see yourself live so you can adjust a pose or whatever it might be. But it’s pretty cool to take some of your photo/video session and shoot tethered live to a computer so we can really nail the shot. Cummon ladies, all you’ve gotta do is contact me. Fun! Fun! Fun.


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